DIY Academy x Charity Makeover: Bali Edition 2020

DIY Academy would like to thank Charity Makeover and Nomads Giving Back for facilitating the hackathon activities and presentations with dozens of volunteers who came from various countries from all over the world to support several communities such as DIY Academy & Foundation; Bali Street Mums; Lisbon Project; Caraya; The East Bali Poverty Project and Esperanca who have contributed to the two days of activities on 13-14 March 2020 at CAMP 308 Canggu, Bali.

We have received lots of feedback, suggestions and brilliant ideas in order to leverage the impact that we want to give to young Indonesians especially those in Bali so that they will get access to free education in the field of website development and digital marketing.

During the activity, DIY Academy has been assisted in conducting market validation before opening classes and training which we will soon run for our next Batch in Bali.

As we know so far, young people in Bali always dream of going into the tourism sector after they graduate from school. In fact, in the digital era like now, we have to realize that we need to be versatile in order to be able to compete in the Industrialization 4.0. Some new skills, especially digital skill has become a must-have skill for young millennials today, which have a very high demand in the market. Especially at a time when COVID-19 was endemic throughout the world, one of the hardest-hit industries are the tourism sector where thousands of hotel & restaurant employees and anyone who had relied on the tourism industry had lost their jobs and had no income to survive.

In the near future, with the help of partners and networks that we have established during the event with Charity Makeover, DIY Academy hopes to be able to open a new batch in Bali soon and contribute to the diversification of education and digital skills development for young Indonesians in Bali, to create a better future.

Seminar Public Speaking: How to Be A Good Public Speaker

Hi Future Leaders!

Buat kamu yang di Mataram Lombok, DIY Academy akan mengadakan Seminar Public Speaking dengan Tema: “How to Be A Good Public Speaker” yang akan diselenggarakan pada:

Hari/Tanggal : Sabtu, 21 Maret 2020
Tempat : Hotel Fizz Mataram
Pukul : 09:00 WITA-selesai

Jangan lewatkan kesempatan untuk memenangkan Doorprize Utama untuk mendapat Beasiswa Kuliah S-1 Computer Science di Amerika Serikat!

CP: Diana 082236848810