Senior Unity Game Programmer

Job Opening for Senior Unity Game Programer position, placed in Bali. The role requires excellent communication skills as you will be collaborating closely with team members from other departments and mentoring junior programmers.

This is a great new studio to work with for highly creative fast paced individuals. If you come up with a good idea it can be approved and implemented quickly. Everyone here plays a strong part in the design and QA process.

As a Senior/Lead Game Programmer, you will be responsible for a wide range of tasks and should expect a variety of challenges to tackle across various areas of the game. This will include the implementation of new features as well as debugging and optimizing existing ones.


  • Strong English skills. Capable of communicating in English both written and orally.
  • Comfortable prototyping and working with iterative development processes.
  • Strong work ethic coming from a passion for developing games.
  • Minimum 5 years professional programming experience.
  • You want to take on challenges and work hard in a fast paced fun and unconventional environment.
  • As a Lead you will mentor junior programmers and design the overall architecture for the game logic
  • Excellent knowledge of Unity and C#, including experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management
  • Demonstrated command of applicable programming languages and a thorough knowledge of software design practices including:
    • modularity
    • event-driven architecture
    • object-oriented design
    • graphics and animation techniques
    • portability
    • extensibility
    • testability
  • You are focused on the goal and improving the process to achieve those goals, not needlessly adding division or bureaucracy.
  • HQ is located in Bali and you will be required to move to the island to be closer to the team. Co-living with us may be an option for the right candidates. 


  • You love gaming especially  turn based strategy games such as collectible card games (Magic the gathering) or JRPGs (Final Fantasy).
  • You love Sci-fi settings including robots, drones, MECHs, transformers and gundams.
  • You read books and watch movies in Sci-Fi settings (Star Wars, Bladerunner).
  • You like anime, manga and comics.
  • Experience with network and API integration


Submit a copy of your CV along with a cover letter explaining why you would be a great team member for a small fast paced studio developing its own IP. If we are interested in you an associate will contact you to schedule a video conference call (Hangouts, Discord).

Submit your application here

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