“Empowering Youth To Empower The Nation.”

DIY Academy seeks to nurture new ideas and empower Indonesian youths in today’s society. Our activities serve as a springboard for young people in learning new skills and expertise, networking, and collaborating with fellow independent entrepreneurs & leaders. 

Founded on December 2018, Developing Independent Youth ( DIY ) Academy is a non-profit organization that is committed to educate, empower and inspire young people through Education and Social innovation.

Our Entrepreneurship program offers a different approach in education through Workshops, Seminars, In-Demand Courses, Personal Development Trainings and Professional Internships as well as work opportunities on-site or remotely.

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Supporting DIY Academy is an investment in building the potential of young people that we work with as well as creating a better future of Indonesia.

"We are the future, and the future is Youth."


To reduce the social gap between the rich and poor of the Indonesian society by creating an effective learning environment and offering employment opportunities for talented Indonesian Young People.


To create an ecosystem that will educate Young People and work more on meaningful projects by giving FREE Courses, Immersive Trainings and Workshops in Digital Skills and Personal Development.

Indonesia is considered the 4th most populous country in the world, and  is expected to reap from its huge working age group, which will reach 70 percent of the total population by 2030. Theoretically, the demographic structure will provide a window of opportunity for Indonesian people if managed well.

One of our missions is to be a problem solver aims to contribute in solving social, educatuional and economic problems in Indonesia.

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