Webinar: No One Left Behind The Future of Schools and Learning

Episode 5 of Podcast series City and The Cities, we have invited 3 education technology founders from Hong Kong, Yogyakarta and Jakarta to share a common but challenging topic of future:

With the lockdowns and circuit breaker measures around cities in Southeast Asia, schools and physical campus are all shut, schools without digital portal largely hampered the learning of students, especially the low-income ones.

how would the Edutech become the new engine to support the needed households in emerging demography? and what would be the future of schools look like? are we taking new normal positively for our life-long learning?

[ Guests in the Chatroom ]

Leo Yeung, PhD

Managing Director and Founder, MagiCube;

Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong

Najib Yusuf

Founder and CEO, JetSchool;

Top 10 Tech Startups to Watch in 2017 by Tech In Asia

Wahyu Taufiq

Founder and CEO, DIY Academy and Foundation

Founders will be taking chance to demonstrate their platforms.
 Partnership and digitalisation inquiries are also welcomed.

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