The "D" is portraying an ecosystem where in it there are "i" and "Y" within the ecosystem. The "i" is a young person that is seeking an opportunity to grow and develop himself/herself as a person.

So the "D" is nurturing, educating, uplifting, empowering and connecting the "i" and the "Y" within its ecosystem to be fully independent, self-sufficient, self-aware and right-minded individuals who will create more innovation and to pass the impact on their surroundings and other people's lives.

And the "Y" is and adult independent person who has already been able to sustain himself but he never forgets where he came from and how he started it, so he will serve others by uplifting and growing others who are less fortunate than him to have the same opportunities as what he has got, he will share his knowledge, experience, networks and the resources he has to those young generation who are hungry, passionate and seeking to change their life to be better and willing to help others to do the same.