Learning Journey

Immersive Training

The students will spend intensive time to learn effectively and efficiently about the needed skills.


Students will be given a project or assigned to do a project from a company that partner with us


Once they complete the program, students from the earlier batch will help to mentor the next batch

We Transform Community & Vision into Innovative Results

D.I.Y applies a hybrid business model (nonprofit with a profit-earning arm) to solve social problems through educational approach that emphasizes  innovation, creativity, technology and sustainability for future generation.

Our Mission

Our objective is to tackle social problems that society in developing worlds are facing  

  • Reducing unemployment and create more employment
  • Providing Solution to high demand of talents from the developed world
  • Help Developing Country (Indonesia) to be Skilled Man Power Supplier for developed countries
  • Reducing Poverty and Eradicating the gap between the rich and the poor in the long run
  • Empowering and Inspiring Youth to be innovative and financially independent

Stay in Touch

If you have any inquiry or question please do not hesitate to let us know